How to edit

Editing a page

To edit an existing wiki page, click the “Edit this page” link at the bottom of the page.


The page is just simple text with some formatting rules, for instance *{}}*foo*{{{* will appear in a bold font without the * in the html pages. The rules are added at the bottom of the page when you edit it, you can press the Preview Button to see what the page will look like before saving it.

In addition to the wiki creole rules you can:

Don't hesitate to edit the pages to see how they are written. And Feel free to try on the SandBox. Don't be afraid, all the changes can be undone anyway.

wikicreole summary

Summary And Minor Edit

The summary is a line that will appear on the RecentChanges page use minor edit when you are fixing minor typos this avoid to clutter the recent changes page.


Your choosen username, there is no registration required just type a name, the name will appear as a link on the RecentChanges page you can use this link to create a UserPage. It allows anyone to use your username, but in practice only rare vicious spammer steal usernames

Create A New Page

Either edit a existing page and add a link to your page [[MyNewPage]] this will create a link that allows you to edit it or just type the url adding the new name: