Not related to awk, just for fun. Some deliberately obfuscated and evil commands:

# squeeze the newlines into one (like tr -s '\n'), assumes a bourne shell
printf "%s\n" foo  ''  '' bar | awk $$${$+ RS=}
#another version, requires bash, ksh or zsh
awk {newlines,RS}={12,}

#not useful at all...in bash
function for { echo $1 ;};for for in for;do \for $for;done

#remove all occurences of foo, with gnu sed
echo "foo bar foo" | sed  ':;;\;foo;s;;;;t;'

#cut the first field a  string separated by : (like cut -d: -f1)
echo foo:moo | join -t :  -v1 -o 1.1  - /dev/null