Although not strictly pertinent to the goings on in #awk, there is a significant overlap of those channelgoers in the related channel #sed, and I don't know of wiki for the latter channel, so I'm putting this explanation here instead. I beg your indulgence and forgiveness for this resource abuse.

#sed was recently renamed to ##sed because the founder of the former channel has since disappeared, leaving the channel stranded without an admin. Due to Freenode policy, the regulars in #sed cannot really claim that channel name since nobody actively contributes to the code project of the same name; so the channel had to make do with the administration of neither the channel founder nor the network admins.

uniplex, BearPerson? et al decided that this situation had gone on for long enough and decided to bring the channel back into compliance with Freenode policy. Since #sed was not "official", it was renamed to ##sed, and a proper list of admins and successors were registered with the chanserv bot. On 2009-09-14, #sed was closed out and forwarded to #sed, and 2130h UTC the people in the older channel were booted out. Those who rejoined arrived automagically in the new channel.

And they all lived happily ever after.