Awka is comprised of an awk-to-C translator and a library the C code is linked against, to produce executables from awk sources. It serves a similar role as [[awkcc?]] did on historical UNIX systems.

Awka homepage

Unlike libmawk, Awka strives to be compatible with both gawk and POSIX (libmawk, of course, should have the same compatibility as mawk). Awka is capable of producing output for use in larger programs, and provides a method to extend its awk language implementation (Extended Library Methods or "Awka-ELM").

Awka-ELM libraries available:

Prior to 0.7.5, Awka's library was covered by the LGPL. As of 0.7.5, it is covered by the GPL. The GPL licensing means that the resultant binary as well as the C source generated by Awka are both covered by the GPL, whereas your original awk source is not bound by the GPL unless you so choose. Author's clarification