mawk wish list

mawk 1.3.4 from Thomas Dickey
his mawk is even faster than mawk 1.3.3
on some things like array references it is 3X ~ 10X faster than awk or gawk

see file for list of changes since 1.3.3
eg he has added POSIX character classes;
WHINY_USERS sorted-array feature;
nextfile; "/dev/stdin" name for stdin
My wish list for mawk:

1)	a mawk64.exe for windows 7 - 64 bit.
2)	the -W source  switch as in gawk
3)	system() is broke in mawk.exe / windows 7 - 64 bit (although pipes work fine ??)
	eg system("anything")  throws up a windows dialog that mawk is not responding ....
4)	2**3 for 2^3 (use ** or **= in place of ^ for exponention)

for interesting discussion of mawk performance.

from irc://

mawk.exe 1.3.4
%mawk% -v n=2e6 "BEGIN { while(n--) A[rand()]=rand(); for(i in A) j++; print j;}"
took 9.2 seconds whereas gawk.exe 4.0.1 took 26.2 seconds

2012-08-25 01:28:51 g0ph3r