This page lists available versions of awk for ms windows.
Example: awk /foo/{print(NR,$0)} file
prints lines from file containing foo
preceded by the line number.
If new to awk, start here AwkChannelWiki.
If new to windows start here GettingStarted

The original awk language as described in The AWK Programming Language
book is maintained by Professor Brian W. Kernighan (bwk) - the k of awk.
File FIXES lists additions/changes since the original.
While he names the windows executable awk95.exe, it is a native Windows 32
executable and runs fine on windows NT4 and Seven so suspect is ok for XP and Vista.

Other versions of awk include gawk which adds many extensions and
mawk which is often two to ten times faster. ----
awk95.exe is Windows 32 executable - version 20071023
164kB - compiled with Microsoft Visual C++
(awk95.exe -version says 20070501 but it is the 20071023 version)
126kB - sources for `The One True awk` -- Updated May 23, 2010
file FIXES lists changes since "The AWK Programming Language" book
Win32 versions of awk (bwk-princeton) 20100228, gawk 3.1.7,
and mawk 1.3.3 Ported to Win32 by Olaf Schoenfeldt. 88kB
newer version if bwk's awk95.exe 20100228 version 149kB
compiled with Open Watcom C/C++32 177kB
mawk.exe - Michael D. Brennan's mawk 1.3.3 156kB
compiled with Open Watcom C/C++ 1.4
file mawk-doc.txt is mawk(1) manual 353kB
gawk.exe - version 3.1.7 compiled with Mingw 365kB
also contains pgawk.exe - a profiler version of gawk