This wiki is maintained by regulars from the #awk channel on irc.libera.chat (and previously irc.freenode.net).

What is awk? see What_is_awk

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#awk is small with a low traffic, and is not different from the other channels of this size on irc ie:

Here is an, incomplete, not always up to date, list of some of the ChannelRegulars


Useful code snippets

gawk specific code snippets

The following functions utilize gawk specific features, and so require the use of the gawk interpreter in order to operate:

Requests for Implementation

It may be that some people in the channel want code written to solve specific problems. These solutions may benefit from review, cooperative work and a location perhaps a bit more permanent than a PasteBin.

Variants of awk

See also: AwkFeatureComparison


Thank you!!

The StyleSheet of this wiki has been borrowed (with permission) from the heirloom project website.

Be sure to check this excellent project, it provides, among many many other utilities, 2 implementations of awk: oawk and nawk