see also AwkOnWindows and FIXES and AwkOnWindowsHowto.

Mel Brooks:
'it is good to have three awks'

Forrest Gump:
'awk is like a box of chocolates'

Dirty Harry:
'you have to be asking yourself-
 did he fire six awks or only five?'

bwk:  (Brian W. Kernighan --- the "k" of awk)
'harder than anticipated to use Gawk as a reference
implementation;'  ....  'although the Awk language is
ostensibly standardized, there are enough dark corners
....  this is not a good long-term solution.'
some of the most mysterious code known to man'

(in the gawk.html doc - attributed to bwk)
'Dark corners are basically fractal — no matter how much
you illuminate, there's always a smaller but darker one.'

k&r 1988 'c programming language' A7.3.2 p.202
'the arguments and the function designator are
completely evaluated , including all side effects,
before the function is entered.'
B1.3 p.245
'White space characters are blank, tab, newline,
carriage return, vertical tab, and formfeed.'

'yes, i am an idiot'
'if it aint broke, i can break it'